For weeks now Broken Matt Hardy has been hyping up the in ring debut of his son, the heir to the Hardy throne, King Maxel, and Maxel wrestled his very first match Thursdays night during Total Nonstop Deletion.

The show kicked off with Broken Matt Hardy, Brother Nero and Senor Benjamin in the Dome of Deletion, and their opening promo was interrupted by Rockstar Spud. He complained that King Maxel is more over than he is, and he demanded a match with King Maxel.

Broken Matt Hardy granted Rockstar Spud’s request, and he announced that Rockstar Spud would face King Maxel in a no disqualification match.

King Maxel made his way into the Dome of Deletion by driving a Power Wheels Mercedes SUV. He was accompanied by his mother, Reby Hardy and he entered the ring to a wonderful ovation from the 50 loyal followers in attendance. A licensed official entered the ring, and the match started.

Senor Benjamin hit Rockstar Spud with the taser, then King Maxel pinned him for the three count to win his debut match in the Dome of Deletion. King Maxel then celebrated in the ring with House Hardy.

After the match a video of Disco Inferno’s reaction was shown, and he was glad that it wasn’t him.