broken matt hardy

Tag Team Apocalypto main evented Total Nonstop Deletion, and it was announced that it would be a falls count anywhere match that would be over after every team but one had been pinned.

Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero made their way to the ring and they called out any team that wanted to enter the Dome of Deletion for Apocalypto. The Helms Dynasty made their way into the Dome, and the Rock and Roll Express followed. Decay then made their way to the ring and it was announced that Apocalypto was about to begin. The Dome of Deletion was covered in smoke, and everyone was ordered to evacuate the property as the wrestlers started battling inside and outside of the ring.

Broken Matt Hardy gave the Rock and Roll Express fireworks, and they shot them at Decay and the Helms Dynasty. Shane Helms called the rest of the Helms Dynasty to his truck and they tried to leave but Matt Hardy attacked them in the back while they were driving away. Jeff chased them with a referee on a dirt bike.

Back at the Hardy Compound Decay eliminated various teams that were waiting at the gate of the property. Crazzy Steve snapped a guy’s neck, Abyss smashed some dude’s head in with a rock. Meanwhile The Hardys and the Helms Dynasty fought all over Cameron.

Rockstar Spud’s partner arrived, and it turned out to be Hornswoggle.

The action between the Hardys and the Helms Dynasty ended up at Lake Hardy, and Matt Hardy was just about to be pinned, but Skarsgard broke up the pin. The Helms Dynasty then battled Matt’s boat. Hardy threw Shane Helms in the Lake of Reincarnation and then the Helms Dynasty turned into Three Count. Shane called out the Helms Dynasty for not being Shane and Evan, then they superkicked him into the lake.

The Hardys battled the Rock and Roll Express in a ring with a volcano in the background. Jeff Hardy and Ricky Morton battled on lifts above the ring, and Matt made sure that Ricky Morton’s lift went all the way up so he couldn’t escape. Jeff tried to hit the Swanton Bomb on Robert Gibson off the lift, but he missed. Matt hit Gibson with the Twist of Fate to eliminate the Rock and Roll Express.

Rockstar Spud and Swoggle then eliminated the Bravado Brothers in the Dome of Deletion, and Swoggle turned on Rockstar Spud then hit him with the Tadpole Splash which allowed the Helms Dynasty to eliminate him.

DCC showed up with a whole group of followers, one of them turned out to be the guy who got his truck stolen from Delete or Decay. Abyss knocked him out and pinned him to eliminate DCC.

The remaining teams battled in front of the volcano, and then it erupted. The Hurricane exited the Lake of Regeneration then flew away.

Decay isolated Jeff Hardy and beat him down, and as Abyss was about to shoot fireworks at him, Vanguard 1 showed up and shot fireworks at Abyss, and hit him in the eye.

Elsewhere on the compound, the Helms Dynasty tried to hit Matt Hardy with shovels, but the Hurricane made the save, then they eliminated the Helms Dynasty, and literally buried them on the compound.

Matt Hardy said that even the man with three H’s would be proud of the way they buried the young promising talent. They looked at the camera, smiled and gave the thumbs up.

Jeff Hardy battled Crazzy Steve on the volcano while Matt battled Abyss in the ring. Matt hit Abyss in the stomach with Janice. Jeff Hardy hit Crazzy Stve with the Twist of Fate into the volcano. The volcano erupted and Crazzy Steve landed in the ring. Matt Hardy pinned him to win the match.

House Hardy then celebrated with the titles on the volcano as it erupted. Reby hardy then announced that she’s pregnant and fireworks went off to end the show.