Ever since Goldust and R-Truth went their separate ways, it has seemed as though WWE has had no idea what to do with either man. Goldust looked set to be part of a huge “Golden Age” storyline where he would take on a new protege and all would be revealed at SummerSlam a few weeks ago, but that seems to have been forgotten.

Vignettes continued to air but there was no big reveal at SummerSlam, so it was thought that WWE had decided to scrap the whole storyline. Goldust was seen the following week on Raw as part of the Intercontinental Championship battle royale, but there was no mention of this storyline to continue it.

That being said, Goldust responded to a fan on Twitter earlier this week and it seems that he is still teasing the fact that the storyline could be happening:

It could have just been the fact that the person WWE had in mind for the role wasn’t ready so it’s been pushed back, or that WWE wanted to delay the story for a number of other reasons.

It is good that WWE is still trying to find ways to use Goldust on WWE TV, as The Big Show proved this past week on Raw, many of the veterans still have a lot to pass down to the up and coming stars and it’s great for them to still be learning from them.