bray wyatt

During the closing moments of this week’s Monday Night Raw, there was an intense triple threat match. Bray Wyatt popped up out of nowhere at the last minute to cost Finn Balor a victory. Then the screen went all “Wyatt” and suddenly Bray was gone when the lights came back.

The Miz crawled up to Finn Balor and stole the victory to become the new #1 contender for the IC Title. It was all thanks to Bray Wyatt. But, where did the Eater Of Worlds go when the lights came back on?

It might be a well-known deal at this point, but wrestlers just hide under the ring. We’ve heard stories of some guys who have to get under the ring before the doors open so they’re hiding in there for several hours. On the first night they tried to broadcast In Your House: Beware Of Dog before the power went out in the building, Mick Foley was under the ring all night and never emerged.

Hornswoggle said he used to sneak under the ring while the lights were out during a promo or before the doors opened as well. He would usually play his PSP until it was his time to pop up and do something. But it’s an angle that takes a good amount of time to pull off.

During this week’s Raw, Bray Wyatt pulled off the hiding under the ring angle. It was great and very well done. He might have gotten under there right after that segment with Kurt Angle. They did cut right to commercial after the segment was over and the lights were still off. If that’s the case, then he was under the ring for well over an hour.

But after his spot with Finn Balor was over, Bray only had time to hide back under the ring again. He hid there quite well until the middle of the dark segment following the televised show.

We’ve previously reported about what Miz had to go through at the hands of Dean, Seth, and Finn. Bray obviously wanted no part of that heel beat-down. It’s comical to see him scurry up the ramp and impressive how fast he can run. After he’s gone, Dean Ambrose makes a comment about how he’s always wondered how WWE does that trick.

It’s a side of Bray Wyatt we thought we’d never see. If he had to pee he should have just taken a page out of the announcer’s playbook and brought his Depends.