broken matt hardy

For months now Broken Matt Hardy has been telling people that his contract with Impact Wrestling is set to expire in February, and now that it’s February everyone is wondering what the Hardys will do next.

It’s getting down to crunch time, but according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Hardys have not signed a new deal with Impact Wrestling yet. The situation is said to be up in the air and although they’re committed to dates through April, they’ve reportedly been telling promoters that they can’t commit to any dates in May until they figure out their next move.

There are quite a few fans out there who would love to see The Hardys return to WWE, and although the company can’t directly negotiate with the team, they’ve made it clear that they’re interested.

As for Drew Galloway, he has yet to sign a new deal with Impact Wrestling and his contract is set to expire before the next set of tapings.

It was also recently reported that former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, better known to Impact fans as Magnus, has been offered a contract as well, but he has yet to sign.

With The Hardys and Drew Galloway potentially leaving and Magnus potentially returning, it should be interesting to see what the next few months hold for Impact Wrestling.


  1. Make or break for Anthem. If they want to go cheap they will watch their investment turn to dust and I’m sure the Hardy’s know this and are playing hardball over both their own pay and the resources that will be available to continue telling the stories they want. But I’m also sure WWE won’t get them cheap either or without a much more liberated contract then the normal “you read the script” affair.

    I’m delighted for the Hardy’s that their contracts are up now though cause they deserve to be rewarded for the most wonderful and imaginative run in recent history.