john cena

It is official, John Cena is a mainstream celebrity at this point. That really isn’t news though, because he’s made numerous television appearances over the past few years, and there’s no denying that Cena’s star is on the rise in Hollywood.

John’s been on cereal boxes, movie posters, and magazine covers countless times. WWE recently sent out an update to promote another one of John Cena’s upcoming non-WWE related media appearances, as he will grace the cover of Muscle and Fitness for an astonishing fourth time.

The cover of the magazine can be seen below, and by the look of him it’s no wonder why his nickname is Super Cena.

One thing is for sure: We see him… everywhere.

WWE is planning a United Kingdom tour in May consisting of the participants from the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. The tour will encompass dates in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and will be WWE’s first attempt at putting a tour like this together.

The individuals chosen for this groundbreaking tour have been released and it looks like they have an amazing talent pool for United Kingdom audiences.

So far, the wrestlers included in this inaugural UK tour are: Tyler Bate (whether or not he’s still the WWE United Kingdom Champion in May is up in the air, but he’s starting off our list anyway), Trent Seven, Wolfgang, Joseph Conners, Tyson T-Bone, Mark Andrews, James Drake, Dan Moloney, Sam Gradwell, Saxon Huxley, Tucker, Jordan Devlin, and Pete Dunne.

It will be interesting to see whether or not WWE will try to get their rumored UK television show going on the WWE Network by then to coincide with this tour.

We’re excited to see the UK brand grow because these guys put on amazing matches.

What do you think?

On another international tour note, WWE announced that they will be returning to Japan this summer. WWE will be taking their live show to Tokyo, Japan’s Sumo Hall on June 30th and July 1st.

More details about the upcoming WWE Japan shows will be made available.