impact wrestling

Jeff Jarrett and other Impact Wrestling officials recently met with ITV in the United Kingdom and and the meeting apparently went well. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that ITV is looking to launch their “World of Sport” television program and they want to work with people in the wrestling industry to monetize the brand and attain more of a global distribution of the show.

Anthem Sports, Impact Wrestling’s owner also owns the Fight Network. Therefore, it might be possible to get a slot on that network due to their close ties.

It was noted that ITV was looking for Anthem Sports to provide some financial backing as well as take on some other responsibilities in the partnership in exchange for a percentage of the promotion.

This “World of Sport” television show is what some consider the main catalyst for WWE’s recent interest in the UK wrestling scene. Although WWE officials fervently denied it, the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament seemed to spring up out of nowhere as soon as the ITV “World of Sport” deal was announced.

Jeff Jarrett noted in the Facebook Q&A which he did that Impact Wrestling is planning on making an announcement in the next thirty days concerning a tour of India.

Jarrett seemed to indicate that he will not be an on-screen performer during this outing with Impact Wrestling, as he plans to maintain primarily a backstage role with the company.