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When it comes to the professional wrestling world the locker room isn’t always the safest place to keep your things as items can sometimes be vandalized.

During his time with Impact Wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg shared a locker room with Raven, and he admitted on his Oh You Didn’t Know? podcast that one time he urinated in Raven’s hat while he was inebriated.

“So I’ll tell a horrible story about myself but only so that I can tell that I tried to make it right. So Raven had left his hat that he always wore in one of the locker rooms, and he was gone from the company, and I didn’t see him forever. So one time to pop the boys and I was in there and inebriated, I peed in Raven’s hat. So then he came back, and somebody stooged it off, but I wasn’t mad about that. I thought he was never coming back. I honestly thought it’s not even a rib because he’ll never know about it. You know what I mean?

“I just thought I’ll be stupid in front of the boys, and some of them will laugh at me because they’re stupid too. So he came to me and said, ‘Hey, can I ask you a question? Did you pee in my hat?’ And I said, ‘I did dude, and I’m sorry. I’ll buy you a new hat. I’ll do whatever. I didn’t think you were coming back.’ I just explained myself to him, and he said, ‘Okay, well, thanks for being honest.’

“To this day, I will buy him a new hat. He never asked me to, but I just didn’t think you would come back, and it really hurt my feelings when he found out — it didn’t hurt my feelings. It was like it just was like, Oh man, what a b***hole I am. It was a nice hat. It was one of his Raven hats that he wore. It was probably expensive, and I will still buy him a new hat if he wants one.”

“No, I’ve actually peed in other hats. But in other things as well. Look, I feel horrible about saying it now. And the reason I say it now is because I want to admit in public that I was wrong. And I admitted that to him privately. But it was just a stupid joke that I kind of thought would never come to pass or anything ever come of it, and then there he was coming back, and there was his hat with urine stains in it. So I apologize. I’m a skank. That’s the true definition of a skank right there.”

H/T WrestleZone.com