When it comes to professional wrestling it always seems that there are a lot of great ideas that could potentially come together, but sometimes they just don’t.

Former NXT star Sawyer Fulton knows a thing or two about that, as he was once a member of the stable SAnitY before he was eventually replaced by Killian Dain.

Fulton opened up about his time in NXT during a recent interview with ProWrestlingPost.com and he revealed that at one point he and a few other talents were putting a group together but it never came to fruition.

“Actually, Angelo Dawkins and I were roommates for almost three years, maybe two and a half years. A lot of the stuff we did in the ring and character wise never really got to be explored, which stemmed from stuff we were doing messing around, talking one-on-one. I think when we started tagging and started getting that moving, it was our group that we were trying out, led by Chad Gable. That would be myself, Dawkins, Jason Jordan and Tucker Knight, who is part of Heavy Machinery. I think that is where we started our tagging.”

Sawyer Fulton was unfortunately released from his contract in 2017, but he indicated that his professional wrestling career is far from over.

“I want to be able to travel the world and make this my dream and my living, and I think not being with WWE anymore is a blessing in disguise. I want this to be a great ride for the next few years, travel and get out there and live the life. I really want to use this opportunity to show my athleticism. It wasn’t that I wasn’t pushed into this niche, but I felt like I was in this big man rhythm with WWE. While I am big and happy, I know I can move and I know I can wrestle and flow. I think that is what I want to try to establish. I didn’t feel, with my character, comfortable with moving and wrestling in a way that I can. I know that I can work out of situations, and I have a good amount of throws and moves that I can work in. That is just what I am, being able to look at my overall wrestling ability. It isn’t just with my overall professional ability, but with my amateur skills. Start throwing in more of that. Some of the things people would get to see on live events with me and Dawkins is going to make its way back on a much larger scale.”