finn balor

For a long time The Demon was a vital part of Finn Balor’s character, but over the last few years The Demon has only been used sparingly on WWE programming.

When Finn was one of the top stars in NXT, fans would often see The Demon at TakeOver events. However, the main roster is very different and the last time fans saw The Demon was at SummerSlam when he defeated Baron Corbin.

Finn put a lot of effort into bringing the character to life, but on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast he recently admitted that he has to reeducate himself on how to portray the character.

“I do it so infrequently now that I forget how I move as the Demon. I forget the subtle differences in the entrance and the mannerisms of how the Demon works. Now, when I go out there, I’m Finn Balor, but that’s just Fergal. It’s just me, the human. But when the Demon goes out there, I need to transform into a different person. That mindset, because I’m not tapping into it so often, that’s a huge challenge for me. I gotta figure out how to do that every time, again. I’m very comfortable being Finn, but when it comes to the Demon, I have to reeducate myself. That’s an added challenge because of how infrequent we are doing it.”

At this point there’s no telling when we might see The Demon again, but WWE might want to think about having Finn make the transformation ASAP before he loses touch with the character completely.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.