There were once again some epic moments on WWE Monday Night Raw this week as Maryse announced her pregnancy with The Miz’s first child and Braun Strowman once again proved why he is The Monster Among Men.

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It seems that despite this being a perfect episode to continue the build up to No Mercy, it wasn’t considered to be a sellout inside the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, and a fan’s photo of the crowd shows that there were a lot more than a few empty seats last night.

WWE is currently competing against Monday Night Football, which is why the company has been forced to step up their game. This wasn’t a go home episode of Raw or one which could be considered a huge show, so the company will not be too disheartened by this, but it could be seen a sign of things to come.

Raw has been struggling in the ratings, and now half empty arenas could be something that WWE may have to get used to, much like TNA a few years ago.

The company need to find some way of pulling back the viewers ahead of Survivor Series in just two months time. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why WWE have seemingly fasttracked Ronda Rousey’s WWE debut?


    • You can clearly see it was taken during the women’s match. WWE has been having some piss poor attendance lately.

        • Ya, well, apparently you didn’t look hard enough because the big screen above the ring is showing Sasha Banks match.

          • Are you a shareholder of WWE? There’s clearly a match taking place in the ring.

            WWE’s attendance is crashing along with their TV ratings.

          • Are you a stupid idiot? Clearly you are. All you see is what’s on the overhead screens, nothing is clear of what’s going on in the ring.

            Dumbasses like you have been crying about ratings crashing since 2001.

            Go suck Russo’s teeny weenie.

          • wtf is going on here… Jim you are wrong… and Hulkamania… you as well….. WWE has no problems….. it’s either the first match…. / pre-show , or it was during the commercial break were people could go and buy snacks and shit… and they were coming back…… i’ve been to a live event….. and it was like that…..you can see people moving and shit.