A few weeks ago Braun Strowman was released from WWE, and the wrestling world is still processing the fact that the former Universal Champion is no longer part of the roster.

When Braun Strowman first arrived on the WWE main roster he aligned himself with the Wyatt Family, and he spent a lot of time working with Bray Wyatt, Brodie Lee (then known as Luke Harper) and Erick Rowan.

Rowan recently spoke to Sportskeeda about Braun Strowman’s release, and he encouraged Strowman to get back on the horse and keep moving.

“You know, a year ago, I was in the same position. That’s what you get when you sign that big-money contract. It’s not guaranteed money, man! (laughs). Nothing in this world is guaranteed. Just get back on, just get back on the horse and keep moving on, man.”

It was reported that in 2019 Braun Strowman signed a “monster deal” with WWE that would have seen him make a million dollars a year. It’s being said that Strowman is financially set, and is asking for a fee in the five figure range for indie appearances.