The WWE is full of talented Superstars and Kevin Owens happens to be one of the names who is having a pretty good year so far. He recently got to main event WrestleMania 38 with Steve Austin, and he’s been getting a lot of TV time recently thanks to his feud with Ezekiel.

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff recently praised Kevin Owens on the Strictly Business podcast, and he pointed out that there are some people who probably didn’t think Owens could reach the level he’s at right now.

“Who thought that Kevin Owens would be the level of star he is in WWE three years ago? I’m not talking about whether you liked Kevin Owens or didn’t like Kevin Owens. A lot of people really loved Kevin Owens, a lot people wanted Kevin Owens to be in that spot, but how many people really believed he would? Probably not a lot.”

According to Bischoff he got to know Kevin Owens pretty well during his time with WWE. He noted that Owens had trouble getting out of his head at times, but he praised the former Universal Champion while saying that he thinks he will only become a bigger name as time goes on.

“They together have done an amazing job of elevating Kevin Owens to a point where he’s gonna be a much bigger name in WWE two years from now than he is now. And he’s already a big name.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.