Ever since the inception of All Elite Wrestling both AEW and WWE have been playing down the idea of a war between the two companies, but it seems that most people in the wrestling business would like to avoid being spotted on their competition’s programming.

Former WWE Senior Producer of WWE Podcasts Dan Ryckert recently spoke to MinnMax about attending AEW events while working for WWE, and he revealed that he used a luchador mask to hide his identity.

“I went to Dynamite in person, two weeks in a row. Once in Jersey at the Prudential Center and once at this big ‘Grand Slam’ thing at Arthur Ashe stadium, and both times, I wore a Luchador mask because it’s like, I was given tickets to the events and I didn’t know where they were going to be. And just in case they happened to be ringside and then someone does a really crazy move and it cuts to the crowd, here is WWE employee: Dan Ryckert.”

It seems that everything worked out for Dan Ryckert when it came to attending the AEW events, but fans will now surely think twice about who could be underneath next time they see someone wearing a luchador mask in the audience.

H/T Wrestling Inc.