Enzo Amore is no longer a WWE employee. He was released today after it came out that sexual assault allegations happened months ago and he never alerted WWE about the ordeal. WWE is a very public company with a social responsibility, therefore they cannot have anyone in the company with that kind of baggage attached to their name.

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Just think of everything Enzo Amore has done since October in WWE and how that might not have been the plans if WWE had known about these allegations and possible sexual assault charges.

But to top it off, Enzo Amore showed up to his last full day in WWE wearing a very interesting choice of clothing. Amore’s always been known for stirring the pot, but in this instance, he might have been wiser to use some discretion.

Amore showed up to the Barclays Center sporting a t-shirt which said, “today is the best day of my life” on the front of it and on the back, it read “can’t wait for tomorrow.” If Enzo Amore only had a clue that the next day would include his WWE release he might have made a different choice on apparel for the event.

Conrad Thompson was at Raw 25 with his good friend Bruce Prichard and saw Enzo in the building. But what really caught his eye was the t-shirt Enzo decided to wear to the arena.

Enzo Amore has been through a lot of controversy since splitting up with Big Cass and tales of his backstage heat became the stuff of legend even before the two were broken up on screen.

But now it looks like Amore has been cut loose and is a free agent. Whatever he does is his choice and he can wear anything he wants to. Let’s just hope if this sexual assault allegation ends up in court then he will make a wiser decision on appropriate attire for a courtroom setting.

But this is just another instance of Enzo Amore being his brazen self. Of course, there are times when it might be best to fly a little bit more under the radar. But that was never Enzo Amore’s style.