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Sometimes the pro wrestling business can throw a real curveball at fans and when WWE Superstars misbehave outside of the ring there can be real-world consequences. In the case of Enzo Amore, he is being accused of something really bad and everything seemed to snowball on the afternoon of Raw’s big 25th Anniversary show.

Enzo Amore was suspended due to allegations that he raped a woman on October 19th in Pheonix, Arizona and a police investigation is already in process. WWE suspended Enzo Amore, but they had little time to figure anything else out, especially concerning his Cruiserweight Title and the expected match against Cedric Alexander at the Royal Rumble.

“There was really no time they could — they had too much going on on the show tonight,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “And it happened literally before the show started where [WWE] realized they would have to make a call.”

“There will probably be something announced perhaps on 205 Live where you kind of have to start talking about that and the Royal Rumble and what you’re gonna do. There’s obviously a match at the Royal Rumble that’s not gonna happen. And again, what are they gonna do about the championship? Are they gonna do a match at the Rumble for the title? Are they gonna do a match tomorrow night? Are they gonna do a tournament? I mean, who knows?”

Meltzer went on to say how the day of Raw 25 wasn’t the “day to chart all that out.” But WWE needs to make a decision sooner or later about what they’re going to do about Enzo Amore’s suspension and the Cruiserweight Championship.

It is important to note that Enzo Amore hasn’t been formally charged but, “at this point WWE, based on the fact the police are investigating and there are tests involved and things like that and it’s out there, WWE had to do what they had to do” Meltzer continued.

The question remains on what they’re going to do with Enzo Amore’s title in the meantime. So you can probably expect an answer sooner than later on that one.

Quotes in this article thanks to Wrestling Observer Radio and WrestlingNews.co for the transcription


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