On Monday The Dudley Boyz were teasing that they were going to “say goodbye” on Raw. The official WWE Raw Facebook page event picked up on the tease saying that The Dudleys were “TO RETIRE” on Raw.

The Dudley Boyz made their way to the ring on Raw and they got emotional talking about their incredible career. They talked about how they made history with Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz with their TLC matches.

They thanked the Brooklyn fans, and then they said goodbye to everyone, but as they were about to leave the ring The Shining Stars came to the ring.

Epico and Primo told The Dudley Boyz that they got them tickets to the island of Puerto Rico. The Shining Stars continued to hype up Puerto Rico as the crowd chanted for tables.

The Dudleys then knocked them down and hit one of them with the 3D and the other with WASSSSUUUPPP!!!

Bubba Ray and D-Von then took things to the next level when Bubba and the Brooklyn crowd told D-Von to get the tables.

As The Dudley Boyz set up the table Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson ambushed them and then hit the Magic Killer on Bubba Ray on the outside of the ring.

D-Von then tried to attack Gallows and Anderson but they beat him down and then brought him back in the ring. They hit D-Von with the Magic Killer through the table to end the segment.

The Dudley Boyz Said Goodbye On Raw, Then They Got Attacked