drew galloway

Drew Galloway announced earlier this week that he had a big announcement set for this morning at a press conference with 5 Star Wrestling. The big announcement turned out to be that WWE will have some competition in the United Kingdom just in time for their newly planned weekly UK television show.

Galloway announced that the upcoming show which will take place at the Dundee Ince Arena in Dundee Scottland will air live on January 28th. Spike TV in the United Kingdom is set to air the event.

Spike TV in the UK is a younger channel, only being in operation for around 18 months but this is still a huge announcement for fans of the UK wrestling scene. The show will only air in the UK and is intended to be the pilot for a full series. Kurt Angle was also announced to provide color commentary for at least the live pilot broadcast.

Wrestlers who have been confirmed to appear on the show are a literal who’s who in professional wrestling including Drew Galloway, Rey Mysterio Jr, Jay Lethal, Carlito, John Hennigan, PJ Black, and more. Martin Stone, who is currently a part of the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament is also slated to be a part of the history making live broadcast.