cryme tyme

The Young Bucks have become one of the most popular tag teams in the world of professional wrestling, and they’ve done it without the help of WWE. The Young Bucks are a somewhat controversial team, but the controversy they’ve created has served them well because they’re on everyone’s radar.

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One team that seems to be paying close attention to The Young Bucks at the moment is former WWE tag team Cryme Tyme. Now it seems that Cryme Tyme is trying to get The Bucks to pay attention to them, because they recently took a shot at the team on Instagram.

JTG and Shad told The Young Bucks that they won’t be ignored, then they followed up by dropping a few bars.

“The Young Bucks think their going to ignore us…….think again @mattjacksonyb
& @nickjacksonyb
First off f#ck your team and the club you claim🎶
We’re the illest Tag team and we run this game 🎶
Y’all claim to be the best But y’all never stepped to us🎶
Cryme Tyme’s holding the 👉🏾
And we ready to bust

It seems that Shad and JTG are angling for a match with The Young Bucks at Wrestle Kingdom, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.