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Former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard recently had a run in with an armed robber on Saturday night according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, and it sounds like things escalated quickly.

Shad Gaspard stopped at a gas station after a wrestling show with JTG in Coral Springs, FL, and he went inside to get a drink by himself, then a man approached him and forcefully asked Shad to buy him a beer. Shad told him that there was a better way to ask him that, and then the man pulled out a gun.

Shad told PWS that he thought to himself, “F**k this, I’m not dying in Florida,” then he rushed the man after he told Shad he was going to rob the store. Shad knocked the gun out of the man’s hands and grabbed it.

Gaspard was unable to remove the weapon’s magazine, and he tried to hand it off to the cashier before taking the man down. Upon further inspection it was discovered that the gun was just an air soft gun. Shad says that he genuinely thought the gun was real and just didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

After the police Shad were called, Shad held the man in a rear naked choke, and the Coral Springs Police Department later took the man into custody.