jerry lawler

Last week it was reported that WWE Hall of Famers Jerry Lawler and Lita will no longer be regulars on the WWE pre-shows, and Lawler recently appeared on Cerrito Live to explain why WWE decide to remove him from the shows. According to Jerry Lawler, WWE decided to go in a different direction because his salary was making the shows too expensive to produce.

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“I got a call last week from Kevin Dunn. He is the guy that is in charge of WWE TV, and has been for years. I got a call from him, and basically I don’t want to say anything talking out of school or anything like that, but when you’re a publicly traded company everything comes down to dollars and cents. Apparently once they moved my job over to the pre-shows, and the pre-show had to start absorbing my salary and my pay, it made it a very expensive show to produce every week. I guess, as Kevin explained to me they just decided to cut back on the pre-show because it was costing them too much money at the time.”

Jerry Lawler also added that Vince McMahon called him after he was removed from the pre-shows to tell him that this isn’t goodbye and that McMahon told him he has a job with WWE for life. Lawler noted that Vince told him he is going to have plenty of work for him, and he will be busier than ever in the future. He confirmed he’s still under contract, and speculated that he may end up signing a talent contract as opposed to a television contract in January.

“I’m still under contract with WWE until the middle of January, and what we’re going to do is probably go in and renegotiate something else where I probably won’t be making as much as I have in the past. Quite frankly, I’m not bragging or anything, but I’m making a lot of money for a one day a week job.”

It was also confirmed that Jerry Lawler will still host the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2017.

You can listen to the full episode, which also includes an interview with Jim Cornette by clicking here. Jerry Lawler joins the show at the 35 minute mark.