Bruce Prichard and co-host Conrad Thompson have put together one of the most popular podcasts in professional wrestling, and it’s heading to the WWE Network. “Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard” is set to get a 13 episode run on the WWE Network and Conrad recently revealed that the duo will be shooting their first episode this week.

Fans who listen to the podcast regularly know that Bruce and Conrad share some revealing details about what goes on behind the scenes, and some fans have wondered if the show will be toned down for the WWE Network.

Conrad Thompson recently spoke to about what fans can expect from the show, and he noted that there are a few things they won’t talk about, including the Benoit family tragedy, but that doesn’t mean they won’t talk about Chris Benoit’s wrestling career.

“No, nothing’s off limits. That being said, let me say this. We’ve had three things that we’ve said from the very beginning, we’re not talking about that. We’re not going to talk about Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide, the ring boy scandal or Owen Hart’s death. Can we talk about Chris Benoit’s matches? Yes. Am I going to say ‘Hulk Hogan’ and tell everybody how much I loved him as a kid? Absolutely. Are we going to address the rumor and innuendo about Macho Man? You’re damn right we are. Is Chyna off limits? Nope, I’m going to bring her up early and often. A lot of those things that people think we’re going to shy away from, we’re not going to. That’s part of the fabric of the podcast and what made it successful, and they know that.”

When asked if the show could potentially lead to Bruce Prichard’s return to WWE programming, Thompson indicated that he doesn’t think Prichard would want to be on the road full-time.

“I don’t know that everybody is on board with this idea. I’m sure there are people within the company who don’t like the idea that we’re talking about the company the way we are, that we’ve been able to make a living off the company independent of WWE, or that Bruce is involved. But this is sort of a different thing where Bruce doesn’t have to be there and we don’t have to participate in some of the politics. I think if Bruce was ever in a position to be offered a full-time on the road deal that meant he couldn’t do the podcast, I feel strong that he would pass. If it was they’d like him to come to TV and PPVs and consult, I’m sure he’d be up for that. But a full-time on the road thing doesn’t work for him with his family situation, and it would probably pay less than what the podcast does, so he’s not going to do anything that’s going to take the podcast away.”

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