The show starts backstage at a WWE event where longtime WWE director Kerwin Silfies makes a quick cameo (if you blink you’ll miss it). Naomi, Lana, and Renee talk about going to Vegas. Renee promises that things are going to get weird in Vegas. Apparently, Rusev is against bachelorette parties because he had a friend who made out with a bride one time…sounds like a personal problem.

Then we go to meet the Bellas at a nail salon while Nikki is complaining about the fact that John Cena is hosting the ESPY awards and there is just so much pressure surrounding the event. The twins tell a halfway entertaining story about how their mother can’t take a picture without looking scared.

We go backstage at a WWE show once again and Lana reveals that she never had much of a good relationship with men because she used to be a party girl, what a surprise. Lana, Naomi, and Renee go to Rusev’s 10,000 square-foot suite in Las Vegas complete with a hardwood basketball court. Renee sinks a layup, which is impressive. While they are out at dinner a fan in a wheelchair comes up and asks Rusev why he no longer does laps around the ring. Renee tries to talk Rusev into being okay with the girls going to a male strip club and Rusev doesn’t budge, he suggests that they go to see Mind Freak or to the zoo instead.

We visit the Bellas again where they are so busy talking about their Birdiebee line of clothing and trying to fit all of these meetings around Nikki being John Cena’s arm candy at the ESPY awards. Momma and brother Bella join Nikki and Brie when Nikki tells them about John’s hilarious skits that he is planning at the ESPY awards, although she doesn’t reveal any of them. They try to convince momma Bella to show them her red carpet walk, but she refuses.
Naomi says that Renee wants to take the girls to Thunder Down Under, an Australian male strip show. Naomi says that she doesn’t know what that is, but she would like to see it.
Back in Vegas Lana runs into her ex-boyfriend, Isiah who was a model in the old spice commercials. Naomi is halfway starstruck by meeting the old spice guy as he halfway begins to hit on Lana. The old spice guy asks the girls what they were up to you and Renee says that they are going to get into some harmless fun. Lana later admits that her and the old spice guy “kind of dated, maybe” but declines to give more information.
Back with the Bella family, we join them for lunch at an outdoor café. Nikki begins complaining about the paparazzi and how they won’t leave her alone. A slideshow of paparazzi pictures with Nikki in embarrassing situations is shown including one picture of Nikki scratching her butt which had to be censored for television because it showed too much of her nether region.
Back in Vegas, Naomi, Lana, and Renee jump on a pink party bus and Lana immediately makes use of the stripper pole inside of it. The host of the party bus comes says that this is his first time doing it because he’s usually an accountant. His attempt at humor is nothing compared to his mutton chops. Their host tries to squeeze his way into a selfie with the three divas but they strategically decline his offer.
When the three girls get the bus they find themselves at the Australian strip club where they are treated to a show that they obviously enjoy. Lana is pulled on the stage and put in a rolling chair where she is subjected to a lap dance halfway against her will. When the girls get back in the limo Lana thanks the girls for doing this for her because it is nice to have some normality in her life. Renee starts to grill Lana about the old spice guy and Lana says that it was good to see him even though she doesn’t know how Rusev will react to the news that she bumped into her former boyfriend.
Rusev joins the limo party and asks where they have been. Lana tells Rusev that they went to Thunder Down Under. Ru-Ru says that Renee is a bad influence and seems rather salty. Renee says that they are just doing regular normal American traditions that people should do and Rusev says that he can’t stop them even though he still seemed rather upset about the situation.
They go to a Vegas nightclub where Lana continues to shake her behind and some random redhead walks up to them that they met the night before and muscles her way into the party.  The redhead said that Rusev made a random joke that he wanted to hook up with her and things get awkward. Another girl comes in and they start hitting on Rusev together saying that the Bulgarian Brute said that he wanted to make out with them.
Renee says that these girls invaded their situation and “things got embarrassing”. The two girls suddenly end up catfighting in front of them. Naomi is the only one that springs to action in an attempt to break them up until a bouncer finally gets involved. Rusev just sits back and laughs about the situation. Lana asks Rusev when he was going to tell her that these girls wanted to make out with him and Lana asks him if he is “f***ing out of his mind”. Now Lana is the one that is upset.
Back in Bellaworld, the twins tell JJ that talking about how they want to hire a media trainer for brother and mama Bella. While attempting to answer a question from the media trainer brother Bella shows slight resentment toward John Cena because he has a huge house in Tampa and things get a little bit awkward. The Bellas are now concerned that public perception will be that JJ is jealous of John.
Back in Vegas, Lana, Naomi, and Renee are hanging out in their bathroom getting ready when Lana asks Naomi if she ever thought that she didn’t want to get married. When Naomi asks Lana if she doesn’t want to get married Lana hesitates before saying no. Lana says that relationships make her nervous because a guy cheated on her before.
We then join the girls at a Vegas pool party at the MGM Grand. Some strange lady wearing a hat with cat ears on it wades up to them and starts acting like a cat justifiably freaking them out. The old spice guy makes an appearance once more and he lays down a lot of innuendo-filled statements to Lana. The old spice guy finally says that Lana and Rusev look like the happiest couple on earth and he is happy for them. Lana says that sometimes she feels scared and wants to run when the old spice guy replies that if she feels like running she needs to run to Rusev. The two hug and go their separate ways but Lana is still nervous that Rusev will break her heart. Renee and Naomi try to comfort Lana but she keeps crying about how she is scared. Naomi says that it probably just comes down to Lana having cold feet about getting married.
Back in Bella Land, the twins are out sunbathing and Nikki is complaining about how stressed she is. She says that the ESPYs are tomorrow and she wanted to get fake long hair to have a new look and is worried about paparazzi taking a picture of her that will make her look bad. Nikki says that she looks like a monster and Brie tells Nikki to relax. Brother Bella decides to remedy the situation by throwing Nikki’s phone in the hot tub.
Back in Vegas Lana decides that she needs to talk to Rusev about her scary feelings. Ru-Ru says that they have been together for three years and wonders why it is scaring her now to which Lana replies that it’s always scared her. She worries that their relationship won’t work out. The Bulgarian Brute comforts his bride-to-be showing a tender side to his personality that WWE fans don’t usually get to see because of all the crushing he does in the ring.
Lana says that she doesn’t know if her heart can handle them getting a divorce and Rusev doesn’t understand why it is so bad. He says that if she doesn’t want to get married then they don’t have to get married to which Lana suggests that they just live together forever. Rusev says that the best thing about her isn’t just her looks and that Lana is overthinking this because everybody is scared. Ru-Ru says that it is just marriage and says that if she has a problem then Lana needs to run to him because “Rusev fixes everything”.
Renée arranges a dinner party for everyone including Rusev in a private room at a fancy restaurant. She then says that she has arranged for a magician to show up.
Suddenly a magician name Steven comes out and a man and a woman come out to join him wearing Lucha masks that are blurred out for some reason. WWE probably doesn’t have contracts with whoever wears those Lucha masks. They perform some kind of cheesy routine where the final message is that “women win everything”. Suddenly the woman takes off her mask to reveal that she is the redhead that wanted to make out with Rusev earlier and the man takes off his mask to reveal that he is the fan in the wheelchair that we met earlier in the episode. The patrons of the dinner party look shocked and confused.
Rusev wonders where the guy’s wheelchair is as the magician introduces a third person who happens to be the woman from the pool party who was wearing the weird hat with cat ears. Renee announces that they are in her town and proudly proclaims that every weird person they have encountered along the way was a plant.
Essentially Lana’s entire bachelorette party weekend was a giant rib by Renee Young.
Back in Bellatopia, the twins go to the ESPYs and we see several WWE superstars including Miz and Summer Rae on the red carpet. The Bellas, including momma andbBrother are interviewed by several people on the red carpet. Footage from the ESPYs is shown with John Cena being introduced as the host and we see a couple of lines from his opening comedy routine at the ceremony.
All crises have been avoided for now. Although during the preview for next week’s mid-season finale it looks like the impending brand split will be finally featured when Paige is liable to lose her mind when she finds out that she is being separated from Papi.