After weeks of hype “Hangman” Adam Page defended the AEW World Championship against CM Punk at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view, and anticipation for the title match was at an all time high. Both men put up a fight in front of a crowd that seemed to be evenly split as they chanted for both Adam Page and CM Punk throughout the match.

Page came close to picking up the win with a few near falls after hitting Deadeye and the GTS. After Punk kicked out of the GTS fans responded by chanting “cowboy s**t” and “CM Punk.” The action spilled to the outside as Page held up the belt in Punk’s face and yelled “this is mine.” The ref then took the belt away and they got back in the ring.

CM Punk set Page up for the GTS, but the ref got knocked down. Adam Page checked on the referee then picked up the belt. He went to hit Punk with the belt but he hesitated. Page dropped the belt then went to the outside for the Buckshot Lariat, but Punk countered with the GTS and pinned him for the win. CM Punk is now the AEW World Champion.

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