CM Punk is always a hot topic among wrestling fans and everyone is wondering what’s next for Punk following his physical altercation with The Elite at All Out. It’s believed that Punk is likely done with AEW which has naturally led to speculation regarding a possible WWE return.

Whether CM Punk will return to WWE remains to be seen, but he got the wrestling world talking when he recently posted the following photos from his WWE run in his Instagram stories:

It was recently reported that CM Punk is ready to move on from his time with AEW, but his release is being held up on AEW’s side. Punk parted ways with WWE in 2014 and he stayed away from wrestling for seven years before joining AEW in 2021. It’s rumored that Triple H’s regime could be open to the idea of bringing him back under the right circumstances, but only time will tell whether or not it happens.

Stay tuned for updates.