cm punk

It’s been a wild time in the life of CM Punk lately. He’s been juggling a lot of balls in the air to say the least. Punk has been training for MMA, supporting his wife during her book tour, and now word is he’s set to be a reality TV star as well.

CM Punk has just been announced as a competitor for the upcoming season of MTV’s The Challenge: Champs vs Pros. The challenge is a reality competition television show that takes it to the limit. If you’re not familiar with MTV’s The Challenge television show, it is an extreme competition where some of the stunts they have to perform are pretty insane to say the least.

Punk could see himself wrestling alligators, clinging to mountains, or running through fire. Seriously, anything is possible on this television show. MTV puts those kids through hell. It is also usually full of plenty of drama. We know how much CM Punk loves stirring the pot too. This should be very fun to watch.

It should be noted that on the show’s cast list, CM Punk will be listed as a UFC fighter and not a pro wrestler. Taping for the show lasted six-weeks and was actually filmed a month ago in California.

The show will feature the winners of previous seasons of The Challenge against pros from various sports. It will be a very interesting season with CM Punk inserted into the mix to say the least.

The competition is for $50,000 for one man and one woman. The pros are all donating their money to charity. CM Punk’s charity of choice is PAWS Chicago.

This will mark the 30th season of the popular MTV show and it is set to debut on May 16th. If you’ve never caught a season of this highly entertaining and action packed show before, this is certainly a great time to start.