After Finn Balor returned to WWE’s main roster he had no real direction. All we knew was Finn Balor was back and couldn’t have been happier. But during the WWE Superstar Shake-up Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen to send a challenge to Balor.

The idea of this feud excites us to no end. We can only imagine how epic it will be. But as it turns out, WWE isn’t planning on just one match. Apparently, WWE wants a long term program between The Demon and The Eater Of Worlds.

According to Sportskeeda, the current plan is for Bray and Finn to battle for a series of matches. Both of these guys are extremely versatile and able to mesh well with any style. Therefore, it only gives us more to look forward to once Payback is over.

According to reports, the program will start after Bray Wyatt’s House Of Horrors match at Payback. The two will compete in several matches over an extended period of time. At some point during the feud Finn Balor is expected to re-introduce The Demon.

But don’t expect Finn Balor to immediately dawn his demon paint. The new reports are saying it might be a while until Finn Balor unveils The Demon character once again. So if this story is expected to play out as long-term WWE storylines usually do, Bray will probably rack up a few wins. But with the help of The Demon, Finn Balor will come out on top in the end.

It’s a smart move to take a slow pace when it comes to reintroducing Finn’s Demon persona. After all, some say they popped way too early on it before SummerSlam and essentially wasted a big pay-per-view moment on Raw. But what’s done is done.

We can only hope WWE will be able to use this feud to further push Bray and Finn respectively. Even though there can only be one winner, both guys deserve to be on the top of the roster.