It’s rumored that both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are AEW bound, and now fans are waiting to see when Punk and Bryan might debut on AEW programming.

Cassidy Haynes of recently appeared on the jaBROnies podcast, and he claimed that AEW originally had booking plans laid out for the next two months, but the company now has to reformat plans due to the impending arrivals of Punk and Bryan.

“They already had plans for [Bryan Danielson] to debut at Arthur on September 22nd, however that was a couple of weeks ago. Meltzer saying he’s known since May… nahh … they had discussed it internally in May when his contract ran up, but they didn’t start talks until about 2 or 3 weeks ago. So that stuff didn’t start happening until recently.”

“Then the Punk stuff happened after Bryan. So, they had plans in place for Bryan at Arthur Ashe, and then this Punk stuff happened and it’s kinda thrown a wrench into how they want to present everything. Now they’ve got to reformat everything because of that, you know? Because it’s ‘how do you capitalize off this buzz’ and what are they gonna do exactly is what they’re trying to figure out.”

“Daniel Bryan started talking to them 2 or 3 weeks ago, and he was supposed to do Arthur Ashe and as long as of 2 days ago that was the plan, but they can always change that around. They can always change up when he’s gonna debut, but it’s happening. It’s 100% that he’s guaranteed to be there [in AEW].”

At this point it seems that current plans call for Daniel Bryan to debut at the September 22nd show in New York City. Currently there’s no word on CM Punk’s debut, but he seemingly teased an appearance at All Out in Chicago with a recent social media post, and you can get more on that here.