the dudley boyz

This year’s WWE Hall of Fame class is looking pretty good so far. WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg was announced as the headliner a few weeks ago, and WWE recently confirmed that The Dudley Boyz will be inducted this year as well.

It has yet to be confirmed who will be inducting Goldberg or The Dudley Boyz, but Paul Heyman’s name has come up recently.

Bully Ray seems to have a few good suggestions in regards to who could induct the legendary tag team, and he suggested a great idea that would incorporate the fans.

Even though Bully’s original idea sounds pretty awesome, it’s not hard to see why it’s unlikely that WWE would event want to attempt to do something like that.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion also said that it would make sense for either Paul Heyman, The Hardys or Edge and Christian to induct him and D-Von.

Who would you like to see induct The Dudley Boyz into the WWE Hall of Fame? Sound off in the comments below.