bully ray

When The Dudley Boys returned to WWE the night after SummerSlam in 2014 the fans blew the roof off the Barclays Center when they gave the legendary team a deafening ovation. The Dudleys were back and better than ever and fans had very high hopes for their return. It was teased several times that they would be winning the WWE Tag Team Titles once again, but it didn’t happen.

Although The Dudleys didn’t dominate the tag team division like they did during the Attitude Era, they did work with several of WWE’s up and coming teams. Bully Ray recently spoke to For The Win and he addressed some of the criticism regarding the team’s last run with WWE.

“I don’t know how you or anyone else can say that it didn’t meet our expectation. Me and Devon knew exactly what our job was before we even entered the company and we did so knowingly. The Dudleys are a legendary act in the WWE. They are the most decorated tag team in the WWE and the most decorated tag team in the history of professional wrestling. We were going back there to help out some of their other teams – teams like the New Day, who took steps forward after working with us; teams like the Wyatts, who took steps forward after working with us; or team like the Usos, who took steps forward after working with us. The WWE run was great.”

Although Bully Ray says he was happy with the team’s last run in WWE, he did also acknowledge not only that they could have done more, but also that they wanted to do more.

“I do believe the WWE Universe was a bit disappointed because they wanted to see more out of the Dudley Boys. Me and Devon knew we were capable of so much more. We wanted to do so much more and we were ready to do so much more and the fans wanted us to do so much more. But, that’s the role and the job that WWE had for us at that time. It was a mutual respect that we were going to get the job done. And we made a lot, a lot of money doing it.”

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