One of the biggest pro wrestling legends of his day, Bruno Sammartino made a career not only breaking records like selling out Madison Square Garden and holding the WWWF’s top championship for nearly 8 years which is an ungodly amount of time. But he was also a legend at heart and a hero to anyone he ever met or saw him perform in the ring.

The legendary WWE Hall Of Famer took long to circle back to WWE after he left the company so many years ago. But since his induction in 2013, he remained a mainstay in the WWE Universe appearing on several programs like Legends With JBL and Table For 3 where we really got to know the legend he was.

PWInsider is reporting that Sammartino passed away on April 18th, 2018, following a hospitalization, but he will never be forgotten. The man from Abruzzi Italy became a living example of the American dream when he came to America and followed his reputation as an insanely strong young man into the pro wrestling ring.

During his career, Sammartino locked up with the best in the world and for just shy of 8 years he defeated them all until finally dropping the title to Pedro Morales just because he got tired of being the champion. His vacation from holding Vince McMahon Sr’s top prize wasn’t for long though because they were able to convince him to regain the title just a short time later.

One of the most famous pro wrestlers in history, Sammartino could be remembered from his dealings with anything from announcing to wrestling to being a commercial spokesman. People loved seeing Bruno and having him around so he was always in high demand.

Bruno Sammartino lived an amazing life like none other and it was outstanding that at least WWE got to have him take part in some amazing programming to capture who he really was as a never-ending reminder of Bruno Sammartino, his legacy, and his outstanding personality before he passed.

Thank you, Bruno Sammartino, for everything you gave to us.

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