nikki bella

John Cena and Nikki Bella have been a pro wrestling power couple for six years now, but their relationship has come to an end, as the couple confirmed this week that their engagement has been called off.

According to People, Nikki Bella’s twin sister Brie isn’t very happy about the fact that the end of their relationship has caused Nikki pain, but she also reportedly feels a sense of relief.

“On one level, Brie wants to kill him, sure. No one should be allowed to hurt her sister like this. But honestly, on another level, there’s relief,” the source says. “Nikki was bending over backward to accommodate this guy and everyone, especially Brie, was worried that she was sacrificing way, way too much — most of all, motherhood.”

The big issue between Cena and Bella seems to be that Nikki wanted to have kids and John didn’t.

The report notes that it became harder and harder for Brie to watch Nikki give up her dreams of having a family after she gave birth to her own daughter Birdie, but that her family is optimistic that she’ll find someone who wants the same things she wants.

“There’s some relief that at least Nikki can go forward and find someone who will really give her everything she’s dreamed of,” the source says. “Because that guy isn’t John. Never was.”