brooke hogan

Brooke Hogan claimed to TMZ a while back that Hulk Hogan has been receiving calls from WWE about WrestleMania. However, shortly after Brooke made the claim, Hulk Hogan publicly denied it on Eric Bischoff’s podcast.

TMZ recently caught up with Brooke once again, and they asked her about her claim. When asked about Hulk’s involvement with WWE once again she said, “He’s capable of anything. Let’s just put it that way.” TMZ pressed her once again for clarification, and she told them that she can’t say anything more.

Back in October, DDP’s daughter broke the news that she will be involved with an all women’s wrestling promotion. Brooke Hogan is also set to be involved, but according to Brooke she will be trying to make the promotion work without her father’s help. She also said that the focus is on females right now, but she would consider letting Billy Corgan join the company because they’re interested in talking to anyone with experience.

When asked if she would be wrestling for the promotion, she said she can’t answer, but teased that she will be by joking that her quads weren’t built to rest. You can check out the video below.