broken matt hardy

The Bullet Club are the most dominant force in New Japan, but that could very well soon change. There has been no shortage of information surrounding the Broken Hardys over the last few days, and while many fans are holding a candle in hopes they would soon see Matt and Jeff return to WWE, that might not be exactly what’s in store for the Broken Brilliance of the Hardys.

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At New Japan’s Honor Rising event, the Bullet Club’s Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and The American Nightmare Cody defeated The Briscoe Brothers, Okada, and Will Ospreay in an outstanding main event to conclude the two-day wrestling extravaganza.

Kenny Omega tweeted the following message after their win at the NJPW showcase making illusions of a magic spell.

We’re sure The Cleaner meant that “magic spell” line to come off as a metaphor to describe the enchantment which takes over any audience as they watch The Elite in action. However, a certain man with Broken Brilliance and a timeless soul read it differently.

Broken Matt Hardy replied to the tweet in a way only he could, wrought with intrigue and leading us to wonder exactly what he meant with the “We’ll see you soon” line.

Although fans want the Broken Hardys in WWE, New Japan might be a very good fit for them in all reality. They would certainly have more freedom to not only portray their gimmick in whatever way they see fit, but they could also continue to travel the globe while working in ROH and any other independent promotion they want to on their ongoing Expedition of Gold.

Only time will tell on this one, but it certainly adds a little bit more allurement to the already mysterious scenario the Hardys have created for themselves. He very well might start teasing appearances at every wrestling promotion on the planet at this point to add even more uncertainty as to where they’ll wind up next. But this is a very interesting tease to say the least.