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A few weeks ago on Raw, Braun Strowman destroyed Roman Reigns, and after medical workers placed Reigns inside an ambulance, Braun flipped the ambulance over. Reigns made his return Sunday night at WWE Payback, and he was still selling the injuries from the ambulance segment. Many people assumed that Roman’s match with Braun at Payback would become an Ambulance Match, but the stipulation was never added.

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Roman Reigns gave it his best, but at Payback Braun Strowman managed to defeat The Big Dog, and after the match was over he continued to punish him inside and outside the ring. Backstage after the match, Roman Reigns coughed up blood on the wall, and once again he was helped to an ambulance.

When it comes to Braun Strowman, nothing’s ever really over, and apparently he wasn’t done with Roman Reigns, because he charged at him and when Roman got out of the way, Braun slammed into one of the ambulance doors, and then he ran right into a stack of boxes.

Ambulances seem to be vital to this Roman Reigns/Braun Strowman feud and it looks like WWE will finally be pulling the trigger on an Ambulance Match next month.

Sportskeeda is reporting that the Ambulance Match is set to take place at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. The report also claims that a shot at the Universal Title will be at stake, and current plans call for Braun to beat Roman, then challenge Brock Lesnar at the Great Balls Of Fire pay-per-view.

It was recently announced that Brock Lesnar will be defending his Universal Title for the first time at the Great Balls Of Fire pay-per-view, but his opponent has not been officially revealed. If this report is correct it looks like we’ll be seeing The Monster Among Men challenge The Beast Incarnate on July 9th.