brock lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s future with WWE is a big topic in question. Although it has been speculated in the past that Brock wouldn’t give up the sweet deal he currently has in WWE, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is always a viable option for The Beast Incarnate for the time being.

But first, Lesnar would have to serve out his suspension for his violation of a drug test. There were rumors he’s re-entered in the USADA testing pool, but nothing has really been made official just yet.

Bryan Alvarez recently spoke on Wrestling Observer Radio about Dave Meltzer’s article on Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC. Meltzer’s source in WWE said “Brock is 100 percent at Mania. Not even a discussion any other way — 100 percent.” So for those who think Lesnar might actually leave WWE after SummerSlam then there’s your answer.

“What that means is since Brock Lesnar is still not in the USADA pool and his five-month countdown does not begin until he jumps into the pool right now the absolute earliest that he could fight would be January,” Bryan Alvarez said. “However, there’s the Royal Rumble there’s the build to Mania, I mean Lesnar would almost certainly have to be on all of those shows. So basically what Dave is saying here in this article and what is very likely is that there is not going to be a Brock Lesnar/Jon Jones fight before likely the Spring or Summer of 2018.”

Alvarez went on to speculate Lesnar’s next fight might be during International Fight Week in 2018. So don’t expect to see Brock Lesnar back in the Octagon until the second quarter of 2018, although Lesnar’s time could be up during the last quarter of 2017.

Therefore, if you are excited about the idea of seeing Brock Lesnar take on Jon Jones, then you’ll have a little extra time to save up for the pay-per-view.

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