Goldberg was one of the biggest stars in the professional wrestling business during the Monday Night Wars, and in 2018 he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Bret Hart recently shared his thoughts on why he feels Goldberg doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame during an episode of Prime Time with Sean Mooney, and he held nothing back.

“I wish that Bill Goldberg had never kicked me in the head as hard as he could. I don’t know how you give a guy a Hall of Fame thing for hurting as many wrestlers as Bill Goldberg hurt, and without consequence. He usually got a pat on the back and told how good of job he did out there, when you’re scraping the wrestler that worked with him off the mat. When Bill Goldberg kicked me in the head, I, honest to God ,I lost about 16 million dollars in like one second. I just signed with WCW for three million a year for another three years on top of the two years I had left on my original contract, so it was bad timing, and unfortunate.”

Hart also went on to say that he hopes more wrestlers who end up in the Hall of Fame should thank the wrestlers that made them.

“So many wrestlers that were up there never thanked anybody. They thanked Stephanie, and they thanked Vince, and they thanked Triple H, and I thought it was such bullshit. They should thank the wrestlers that made them, and the wrestlers that worked with them. I was so disappointed at how so many of them never thanked the wrestlers that went to all the trouble to help them. Most of them had no recollection of anyone helping them.”

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