braun strowman

The trials of a WWE superstar can begin and end at any time. On any given day of the week injury can strike down even the most important superstar leaving them with surgery and months of rehab in front of them. Instead of the house shows they plan to attend, someone could be visiting a doctor’s office instead. It’s a tough life and it’s not for everybody.

Braun Strowman recently fell victim to a tragic turn of events. He was in the middle of an outstanding push making him look like an absolute monster. He is the Monster Among Men after all. But one thing he didn’t plan on was a surgery.

WWE wrote in the story line that Braun Strowman fell victim to some sick chair shots from Roman Reigns. Strowman was already in a sling too, so Roman knew exactly where to swing that chair. Braun practically had a bullseye on his elbow.

WWE says Strowman had his surgery. They’re crediting his injury to Roman Reigns’ attack on Raw even though he was actually working hurt throughout the European tour. says Strowman’s elbow was shattered which is a departure from the torn rotator cuff he had in story line. They did say he had other injuries though.

One thing is for sure, Strowman’s injury came at an awful time. is reporting his recuperation time will be even longer than expected as well. Initial reports said he’d be out four to eight weeks. But now they’re saying he’ll be out up to six months. This is not good news for WWE fans, not to mention Braun Strowman.

Let’s hope Braun is able to pull through this and return even faster than projected. He’s leaving a big hole in his absence on Raw, that’s for sure. Hopefully when he returns he’ll be able to pick up right where he left off.


  1. […] Things have been going well for Braun Strowman. He’s one of the most popular stars on Monday Night Raw, and he’s been featured in a high profile feud with Roman Reigns for the past few months. Braun has been building momentum, and it seemed like he was heading for a Universal Title match with Great Balls of Fire, but unfortunately that won’t be happening because Strowman injured his elbow and he recently underwent surgery. […]