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Braun Strowman is the Monster Among Men, but that doesn’t mean he’s not susceptible to injury. Apparently, those are the hard, sad, awful truths of the pro wrestling business. There will always be a possibility for injuries, no matter who you are.

It is also true most injuries come at the worst times possible. Well, you can add Braun Strowman to the list of people who have suffered injuries at awful times. Of course, any time is an awful time to get injured. But with Braun’s recent momentum and the idea he might be colliding with Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title soon, it is especially awful.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting Braun Strowman has to undergo a minor procedure to fix issues with his elbow. The recovery time for this procedure is estimated to keep him out of action for the next four to eight weeks. This means WWE creative is having to change their plans for Great Balls Of Fire. Not good news. This is not good at all.

On television, they gave him a torn rotator cuff in the story line. Of course, an injury like that takes way more time to heal than four to eight weeks. But that’ll prove what a monster Strowman really is when he’s able to come back sooner than it usually takes someone to recover from a torn rotator cuff.

How did Braun get injured? Well, Braun worked tonight’s Raw taping in London to make it work in the storyline so he could have some time off for the procedure. He’s been working through the pain at recent house shows against Roman Reigns.

You can see in the video how Braun Strowman attempted to sling Kalisto in his usual fashion. But Roman Reigns hit Braun Strowman’s arm with a chair on the steel steps. Just watch the video and listen to all of those boos Roman is getting. The video doesn’t have the best camera man, but you can get an idea of what’s going on.

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