Finn Balor’s story is one of hope and tragedy. He fought hard to get where he is today. Finn started out wrestling throughout the world where he eventually made a big name for himself in New Japan as the leader of the Bullet Club. After that he moved to Orlando and became the face of NXT. He held the NXT Championship with pride and took on all comers. Once he finished up there, he went to seek out new adventures on the main roster.

Fans all over the world were excited to hear Finn Balor’s name called during the 2016 WWE Draft. They were even happier to see him win the fatal four-way match later that night and secure his spot at Summerslam wrestling for the Universal Title.

When he won the Universal Title against Seth Rollins people all over rejoiced. But that all came crumbling down the next night on Raw when Finn had to relinquish his brand new title. It turned out the barrier bomb from Seth Rollins was too much for Finn’s shoulder.

Now fans have the chance to relive all of the glory, pain, and recuperation of Finn Balor. He hasn’t really even had a chance to prove himself once again since his return from injury. But he’s certainly well on his way.

Fans will be able to root on The Demon as he makes his way through the painful therapy he had to endure. People wanted Balor back by WrestleMania 33, but that didn’t happen. Even though he was ring-ready and already working house shows by that point. But he’s back now and ready to prove what he can do once again.

So, after tonight’s Raw tune into the WWE Network for another edition of “24” featuring Finn Balor. We love those “24” shows WWE Network does. They’re crisp, clean, and very well done. An episode about Finn Balor is really an exciting prospect.