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It’s always interesting when there is some kind of perceived backstage heat in WWE. After all, drama usually gets people’s attention. Therefore, when Booker T said something to Corey Graves that was akin to “cash me outside, how bow dah?” a lot of people paid attention.

Booker T said if he caught Corey Graves on the street then the two of them would have issues and it could be a violent situation. But some people might just see this situation as Booker T working an angle in an attempt to gain some sort of attention. After all, Corey Graves didn’t sound too worried when he responded.

“First off [Booker T] said this on his radio show,” Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live. “This guy prefaced this by saying, ‘you know this is gonna get picked up by Meltzer and the dirt sheets.’ This guy ended up noting WrestleMania is coming, I mean hello?”

“What’s happening here is he is in a sense making up a story here to get people talking. However, I do believe that Booker T is not a fan of Corey Graves constantly burying him on Raw. Do I believe that they actually took Booker T off commentary because they thought he was going to beat up Corey Graves? Of course not.”

“Now maybe Booker believes, you know what? This guy burying me on commentary every week, I betcha that’s why they decided to take me off commentary. There may be a part of Booker T who believes that he’s not doing this anymore because of Corey Graves. He did make a comment that this guy’s ‘messing with my green.’ Like he’s making less money now. So I do believe that there is a part of Booker T who believes ‘I’m making less money now and it’s because of this guy. Do I believe Booker T is really going to find Corey Graves on the street and beat him up? I’m highly skeptical.”

While there could be some truth in what Booker T is saying, the general idea seems to be that Booker T is simply working an angle on his radio show. Plenty of fans have weighed in on the situation and while the opinion can vary, the general belief is that regardless of if Corey Graves and Booker T actually have heat backstage it will never translate into an actual confrontation in the ring due to the injuries which prematurely ended Corey Graves’ in-ring career.

Alvarez noted that while most of the lines fed to Michael Cole and Corey Graves to bury Booker T on Raw might have come from Vince McMahon, Graves will still take every chance he can to jump on the 5-time champion “because he’s too quick.” It was also noted, “my gut is he probably doesn’t like Corey Graves so this was his opportunity to let Corey Graves how he felt about him but also have an out by saying, ‘you know what? WrestleMania is coming maybe we could have a match.'”

Only time will tell how this situation will develop but it might not be a good idea to pencil in Booker T vs Corey Graves for WrestleMania 34 just yet, even if it’s a street fight.

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