corey graves

WWE recently made a big change to the Monday Night Raw announce team, and Booker T is no longer a part of it.

The announce team on Monday nights now consists of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Jonathan Coachman who returned to WWE last week.

When the change was first announced, it didn’t seem as if it was done for any particular reason other than to give Coach a spot on the show, but Booker T recently shed some light on the subject.

Apparently Booker has issues with Corey Graves, and he recently claimed that Graves is the reason he’s not on Raw. He even took things one step further by saying that he’s going to get physical with Corey if he sees him on the street.

“If I catch Corey Graves on the street I’m gonna do something to him. I’m not gonna catch him at the office or anything like that. But if I catch Corey Graves […] I’m got gonna do it at the airport but if I catch Corey Graves on the street. You know that little bouffant haircut he’s got? I’m gonna rearrange it,” Booker T said.

One way or another, Corey Graves has remained surprisingly zen about the situation, and he responded to the controversy with the following quote:

It’s nice to know that Graves is keeping a cool head throughout this ordeal, but let’s just hope he doesn’t run into Booker T anytime soon.


  1. Booker sucked as a broadcast member. He literally repeats what Cole and Graves says everytime. I always laughed when Graves made Booker T look stupid by pointing out his obvious and dumb statements he made while announcing. Welcome back Coach!