Bo Dallas is a really fun guy and you can tell by watching him work. His OG Bo Dallas character was something right out of a sitcom and it looked like he loved every second of it. For those who watched his character evolved in NXT, you know how much of a treasure he can be.

For some reason, Bo hasn’t hit his main stride on WWE’s main roster. Bo might be waiting until he just grows his beard out enough so his brother Bray just accepts him into the Wyatt Family already.

But the reasoning could go even deeper than that. You could cover your walls with road maps and issues of the New York Times and never be able to connect the dots. But Bo Dallas believes there’s something more out there and grand puppet masters are lurking in the shadows. Dallas spoke to Chris Jericho on an episode of Talk Is Jericho about that very subject.

Bo Dallas spent some time talking about the conspiracy theories he believes including Hollow Earth and The Illuminati as he offered an explanation of sorts about why he had such controversial thinkings.

“Even if it’s not true and you want to call me crazy, it’s funnier, so much more fun, to live life and question and to wonder. I want to know more. If it’s not real, then screw it. … For me, it’s funnier to believe than to not believe. So, everything, I like to believe it before I don’t believe it. … I question but I also accept”

“So, everything, I like to believe it before I don’t believe it. … I question but I also accept knowledge that is given to me. If I learn or am told something and I did the research and it was debunked I would believe it. If the facts were there, I would say obviously it makes sense. But to not question at all is ridiculous.”

For all we know, Bo Dallas is totally right. After all, nobody in the office has a seat in the crescent shaped table on the top floor of the Illuminati’s secret HQ somewhere between Badstreet USA and Parts Unknown. But this certainly adds another level of intrigue to the charismatic and curious inner workings of Bo Dallas.

Credit for these quotes goes to Talk Is Jericho