big show

The Big Show is a staple in the WWE Universe at this point and many fans wonder how Vince McMahon and Company would handle the in-ring retirement of such a legend in pro wrestling.

A WWE Hall Of Fame induction seems obvious, but there are other ways to honor such a massive force in the ring. But they might not need to worry about that for a little while longer. Because as it turns out, even though his contract was set to expire in February 2018 The Big Show might be sticking around.

The shoo-in WWE Hall Of Famer took a nasty bump from Braun Strowman after their cage match on Raw in September 2017 when The Monster Among Men hurled Show through the side of the structure sending the giant topping to the floor. The Big Show needed a hip surgery even before this match took place but that spot wrote him off in the storyline.

We previously reported Big Show’s contract was set to expire at the end of February 2018 but that won’t be the end of the line for the former WWE Champion.

During a recent interview with UPI, Big Show confirmed that he will “definitely be back by WrestleMania.”

Therefore, it looks like even though a match against Shaq might be out of the cards the Big Show’s WWE story isn’t over yet. He is a veteran and a huge benefit to the locker room so it’s great that he’s not leaving. Let’s just hope Show can get one last run that he deserves before going off into the sunset and taking it easy after a legendary career in sports entertainment.