Now that WrestleMania season has come and gone, the stars of the WWE are looking ahead to SummerSlam. We’re still a few months away from the biggest party of the summer, but Roman Reigns is set to make a big announcement regarding his SummerSlam plans on Raw.

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Everyone’s trying to figure out what Roman Reigns is going to say, and there are a lot of rumors going around in regards to who his opponent could be for the big show. One way or another, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out because WWE has announced that Roman Reigns will be making his big announcement during the opening segment of Raw on Monday.

WWE is also focusing on the following points for Monday’s episode of Raw:

  • Roman Reigns to make SummerSlam announcement Monday night
  • Does Samoa Joe have Brock Lesnar’s number?
  • Can Bayley get back into the Raw Women’s Title picture?
  • What’s next for the Raw Tag Team division?
  • Can “The Man” stand up to a “god”?

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  1. Whatever the announcement is, it will be interrupted. I hope it is by Braun Strowman because supposedly he has been cleared according to some sources. Maybe he comes out and says “Screw your plans, I aint done with you yet”. That is best case scenario. Unless he wants to challenge Cena to a match at Summerslam in a “Battle of the Booed Faces”. Which, to be honest, is probably what WWE wants. That way either Reigns goes over with Cena passing the torch, or Strowman interferes costing Reigns.