For years Batista was one of WWE’s top stars, but at the height of his wrestling career he decided to part ways with WWE and pursue other opportunities.

The former WWE Champion has found success with his acting career, but he recently opened up about his WWE departure while speaking with talkSPORT.

According to Batista, he left the company out of spite because they wouldn’t support his acting career.

“It came about out of spite. First, I have to say it came from me discovering I was a horrible actor and I wanted to be a better actor and I wanted to do it while I was still with WWE. They would not give me the opportunity within the company. So I said, ‘I should be given the opportunity to do it outside of the company.’ They said, ‘absolutely not.’” I said, ‘Well I’m going to let my contract run out and I’m going to leave.’ So that’s exactly what I did and I set out to be an actor.”

Even though Batista hasn’t wrestled a match in a WWE ring in over 4 years, he has expressed a desire to return at some point under the right circumstances.

Whether or not a return for Batista will come to fruition remains to be seen.

H/T Heroic Hollywood