Baron corbin

Baron Corbin is no longer the acting General Manager of WWE Monday Night Raw, but Corbin still dresses up as if he’s an authority figure. The former United States Champion normally shows up to Raw wearing a vest and a dress shirt, but during a recent WWE live event he tried out a different look when he wore jeans and a t-shirt.

Corbin responded to rumors claiming that he was switching up his look, and he responded by saying he will be wearing his vest and dress shirt at Money In The Bank and Raw. Baron Corbin posted the following:

“Jeeze you see a pic online and you think you know. But really it just show how much you don’t know and how desperate you are for stories.

I WILL have my amazing vest and shirt for all of you to enjoy at mitb and RAW. Matter of fact maybe i will be Corbin 2 vest”

Do you think it’s time for Baron Corbin to ditch his vest? Sound off in the comments below.