all elite wrestling

All Elite Wrestling has picked up some major momentum ahead of Double Or Nothing, and earlier this week it was announced that AEW’s weekly series will be airing in prime-time on TNT later this year.

A premiere date and time slot for the show have not been announced just yet, but AEW President Tony Khan made it clear during an interview with Bleacher Report that they won’t be trying to go head-to-head with WWE programming.

“I’m not gonna go on Monday night or Friday night, and I would never go head-to-head with the NFL or pay for time on television,” Khan said.

Khan also noted that his “big goal is to establish a better work-life balance and quality of life for our performers with less time on the road [and] very good money comparable to what you’d get at the highest level in the world of wrestling.”

He also said that the company can make the bulk of its revenue from pay-per-view and TV, and even though there won’t be an offseason, AEW stars won’t be working the grueling schedule that WWE Superstars endure.

“I’m not planning on doing hundreds of non-televised events on tour, because I don’t think that would represent a large enough revenue stream for us and profitable enough business sector for us to risk the health and well-being of all these wrestlers. I’m not gonna have an offseason, but there will be a lighter schedule and we’ll work people in and out.”

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