enzo amore

The WWE cruiserweight division has been surrounded by controversy as of late. For a few weeks Enzo Amore was Cruiserweight Champion, and he caused quite the commotion by riling up the other members of the division with his promos.

Unfortunately for Enzo, all his gloating came back to haunt him on Monday Night Raw this week when he put the title on the line against Kalisto in a lumberjack match. Kalisto ended up winning the belt, but that wasn’t the original plan for the Raw main event.

Original plans called for Enzo Amore to beat Neville in a non-title match, but that didn’t happen because Neville reportedly walked out before Raw on Monday.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, putting the belt on Kalisto was a last second decision made by Vince McMahon because no one could come up with a better idea at the last minute.

However, don’t look for Kalisto to hold the belt for too long, as it’s being reported that the plan is to get the Cruiserweight Title back on Enzo Amore because 205 Live is currently being built around him.

What the future holds for Neville remains to be seen as some people within the company believe that he’s 100 percent gone.