drew mcintyre

Back in January Drew McIntyre won the men’s Royal Rumble match, and he found himself on the receiving end of a healthy push following the pay-per-view.

McIntyre went on to challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36 last month, and after it was all said and it done it was Drew who picked up the victory to win the gold.

Since becoming WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has been booked to look quite strong on Monday Night Raw.

WrestleTalk is reporting that higher ups in WWE have been very impressed with Drew McIntyre and the work he’s been doing for the company in recent months.

It’s being said that not only has Drew impressed company officials with his work in the ring and on the mic, he’s also impressed with the work he’s done with the media, and he’s seen as someone who can represent the company at events.

WWE officials reportedly see Drew McIntyre as a main eventer for years to come. His title reign will not be a one off like Finn Balor, Kofi Kingston or Jinder Mahal as he’s expected to be at the top of the card for the foreseeable future.

Drew has impressed Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman so much that they see him as one of the figureheads of Monday Night Raw and WWE. McIntyre is seen as someone they can build the company around and with Roman Reigns off TV the plan is to push him as the number one guy.